(English Section) Champions League 2011′ Final Match

Champions League’s final always be special event at the end of a football season. This year, the participants will be Manchester United and Barcelona, who got tho the final after the 5th El Classico againts Real Madrid. Who will get the trophy? Barcelona FC with the great skill in each of their player, or Manchester United that will be play at their own country, England, as we know the final match will be held at Wembley Stadium, England. I will give you some predictions and analisys about the match.

1. The match will be held at Wembley stadium, which means that MU will play in their own country. According to history, there were 7 teams that already played final match in their country. 5 of them were able to win, Real Madrid (vs Fiorentina), Internazionale Milan (vs Benfica), Manchester United (vs Benfica at Wembley Stadium), Ajax Amsterdam (vs Internazionale Milan), and Borussia Dortmund (vs Juventus). So in this case, Manchester United got 1 point.

2.It will be rematch after Roma 2009, which was won by Barcelona FC. This is not the first time for the final rematch. There were AC Milan vs Ajax and AC Milan vs Liverpool before them. The unique fact is the first team that win at the first match can’t do the same thing in the second match. As example, AC Milan was won in 1969, but Ajax finally got their throphy back in 1995. Then, Liverpool was won in 2006 and AC Milan claimed back the title in 2008. Now, lets back to 2009. Barcelona FC was won at the time, so, maybe now is the time for Manchester United? Another point to them.

3.Both of them are domestic league’s champion. The Spain won the domestic after beat Real Madrid, maybe without any preasure from other team and the Manch won after beat Chelsea and Arsenal in BPL after such great competition. But, for consistency, maybe Barcelona should get 1 point from me.

4.The player. Both of the teams are well-know with star players. I’ll’l try to compare them. First, the front line. Wayne Rooney vs Lionel Messi. Until this week, Lionel Messi is more productive than him, even, Rooney’s teammate, Dimitar Berbatov’s more productive than him, but that’s all just because Rooney had a slow start. So, 1 point for Barcelona. The mid line. Xavi Hernandez vs Ryan Giggs.become older doesnt really matter for Giggs. He prove that he’s being important part for Manchester United’s 19th title this year, while Xavi always played consistenly this year. Not only for make. the great assists, but also covering the defensive line and make great goals. So, 1 point for each team. Then, deffensive line. Carles Puyol and Gerrard Pique vs Rio Ferdinand and. Nemanja Vidic. The Catalonia maybe have great deffenders such as both of them, the old one is Puyol and the younger is Pique, but so do MU, Ferdinand and Vidic. Even, the back line has another same thing, the captain of the team is the deffender, Vidic for MU and Puyol for Barcelona.I think we all know that they are the best in their position, and I dont have any comment bout it. Just for you know, Pique is former MU’s player. So I think I’ll give 1 point for each team.

5.The last thing that I want to compare about is the supporters! As we know, MU will play in it’s own country, so, I predict that they will get more supporters in the stadium than Barcelona. As the 12th player, I think MUU will gain more benefit this time. So? 1 point for them.

In the conclusion, I predict that Manchester United should win the game. After compairing both of them, I found 4 points for Barcelona and 5 points for Manchester United. So, maybe they will win with a penalty shoot out? Who knows? Or maybe I’m gonna wrong? Who knows? At least, I already tell you all what in my mind. Hope you enjoyed it. Oh, if you asking me, which one that I choose? I dont choose one of them. I’m liverpudlian. YNWA!

Thank You for reading,

[Kievas Cahyadi]


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