Little Message for Stevie G

Hello Cap’n, well I’m not biggest fan of LFC. I can’t watch all of LFC’s matches. I can’t remember the legends played for LFC. I can’t remember the years we won the EPL. Even I cant see you when you here, in Jakarta. But surely, I’m supporting you all. You all are my hero, especially you, and now you’re the last member of Istanbul 2005 in the squad.

I wrote this one, of course hoping that you’ll read this. But it’s okay if you don’t. I know that I’m not LFC’s best fan. I have no money to buy original merchandise. But there are things that I love. Moments I remember. Yeah I’m a male, but I cried when you signed new contract on July 05. When Torres leaving, I cried. When Carra retired, I also cried, and when you all came here, I smiled.

You are my hero. Teach me about loyalty, leadership, family-oriented, and other things that I cant spell one by one. Maybe I’m just a fool, write something like this on my little blog, and hoping you’ll see it. Even I don’t speak much about you. But,for what? Everybody know how good you are, some are more than me.

Finally, I hope you were enjoyed your time here, and I also wish you can lift EPL’s trophy about 2 or 3 times before retire. Everybody will love that. Maybe one day I can watch you as a manager at Anfield, maybe I never have a chance to go to Anfield, but those all never be a big deal. As long as there’s LFC, I’ll always support you all. Thank you, Stevie, for lead my favorite team for years. I know you are the best. Please come back to Indonesia sometimes okay? May God bless your life forever.

Thank You for reading,

[Kievas ‘Raikkonen’ Cahyadi]


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